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This speed test performs a check on your wireless link to our Network Operations Center.  Providing you have got a good wireless connection to our network you should see your maximum connection speed displayed.

If the speed is much slower than your account level, you may not have a good link to our network or you may require a stronger receiver unit.  Take a look through our Connection Tips below the Speed Test window for helpful information to get the most from your link.


Click 'Launch Test' below to open the Telsat Broadband SpeedTest.  This tests your wireless link to our Network Operations Center; after the test you will be shown your link's results.



As with any wireless connection, there are many factors can affect your connection's quality and performance.  Below, we've listed a few things to keep in mind when using your wireless link.

1)  5 Bars Doesn't Always Mean A Good Connection
When you are searching for a wireless network, your laptop or wifi enabled device will only show you the 'transmitting' strength of the signals availble.  You may find that when you attempt to connect to the wireless network, the connection attempt fails or the strength indicator drops to only one or two bars; this is because your device's power (or gain) is less than the transmitter, it is not able to 'hear' your devices replies.  This issue is usually resolved with an external antenna or higher gain antenna.

2)  Line Of Sight Is Best
Wireless signals don't like going through walls, trees or other obstructions.  When possible, always try to keep a good clear line of sight between your wireless receiver and the network transmitter.  If you are connecting with a laptop, try adjusting your position or move closer to a window where signal can get through better.

3)  Other Connection Options
If you're using your wireless link for business or need a rock solid connection all the time; come and see us about our wireless receiver options.  We have a large range of connectivity products to suit your location and requirements.


Like to know a little more?  Here are some quick facts about Telsat Broadband.

  • Newest network in Vanuatu.
  • Largest WiFi network coverage in Vanuatu.
  • 24/7 network monitoring facilities.
  • Supporting both big and small business customers.
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