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When choosing a package, it's important to choose one that offers the speed you require to handle your expected usage level as well as one with a suitable data cap.

Data Cap's are a limit on the amount of data you can download and upload from the internet.

In much the same way a phone company charges you by the number of minutes you use their service, we charge you by the amount of data passing through your connection.

Each time you browse the internet, read an email, make a skype call or download a song, this results in your request data being 'uploaded' and your requested item being 'downloaded' to your computer.

The amount of data you require will depend the types of things you want to do on the internet.

If you only want to browse a few web pages and read a few emails you may only need a few hundred megabytes (MB).  If you wanted to browse the internet, check email, make a few skype calls and download a little bit of music then a couple of gigabytes (GB or 1000 MB) would suit.

If you're a heavy internet user, downloading and watching movies, downloading many songs or uploading lots of content to social networks you'll need one of the larger data cap plans.

If you're using a 'Pre-Paid Card' or 'Pre-Paid Ticket'; or you're on a 'Fixed Subscription', then you don't need to worry about excess data charges.

Pre-Paid Cards and Tickets will simply 'expire' when the data allowance has been fully used.

Fixed Subscriptions will still allow you to use the internet but your connection speed will be reduced until your next monthly billing cycle.  If your data allowance is used during a month but you need additional full-speed access, through the Customer Portal you have the option to buy additional 'Full-Speed Data' for fixed price.

If you're using a 'Standard Subscriptions', when your data allowance is fully used you will begin to accrue 'excess' data charges.  These excess charges vary depending on the level of your subscription and they are due and payable before your next subscription period.


If you're wanting internet for yours or your families use, choose one of the categories below that suites the type of service you're looking for.

Just Browsing
If you're just new to the internet or just browsing a few websites, then these packages are for you. Offering entry-level speed and data limits these packages get you online for the cheapest prices available.

Keeping In Touch
Skyping back home? Shopping online? These packages give you more freedom to do what you want while still keeping the budget in check.

Home Entertainment
More often these days, kids and indeed parents too are finding their entertainment online. These packages are best suited to those that want more from their internet!

Power User
Online all the time? These packages will suit the most speed and data hungry users; offering the highest data allowances and speeds available.


Getting your business online can be as simple as choosing one of the categories below that best describes the service you need.

Getting Connected
Time to get your business online! Email and instant messaging are fast becoming the preferred contact methods for business and these packages will help you get your business connected.

Small & Home Office
Sending out invoices, checking online banking and keeping in touch with your clients; these packages will help keep your SOHO business in touch and online!

Multi-User Performance
Stock department, accounting, customer relations, all of these users need a speedy and reliable connection to keep your business moving. Get multi-user performance with these great packages.

Mission Critical
If your business is a business that requires 'nothing but net' then these packages are what you'll be looking for. Offering the highest data allowances and speeds available for even the most demanding business.


Telsat Broadband's packages are designed to provide our customers with what they want for a price they can afford.

Here are some quick point about how our packages structured.

  • Packages are based on actual usage; so you only pay for what you use.
  • Your login is portable, you can login at any Telsat Broadband point of presence1.
  • Subscription accounts can support multiple logins2.
  • All packages are available WITHOUT a contract.

1  Depending on the number of simultaneous logins enabled on your package, logging on in another location will log-off any previous sessions.

2  Multiple logins are charged at an additional 1,000vt per month per additional login.
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