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Purchases of a Telsat Broadband Pre-Paid Card, Pre-Paid Ticket, Direct Top-Up or Subscription Service are considered final and are not elegible for refund; except where such a refund is determined as appropriate at managments discretion or by legal authority.

Accounts which have been associated to network abuse (including, but not limited to; Spamming, Hacking or other malicious activities) are not elegible for refund under any circumstances where enforcable by local laws.

If you have a dispute regarding a payment or your account, please contact our billing department directly and we will immediately attend to your issue.


Telsat Broadband's policy on all aspects of our website is to respect and protect the privacy of our users.  Telsat Broadband does not disclose, rent or sell your email address or any of your personal information we may receive to any third party, without your express, written consent.

Please note that contributions you may make to the site (ISP Ratings and reviews) become the property of Telsat Broadband, which we can delete or modify as we may see fit.

At any time you may communicate with Telsat Broadband via private email; No matter the content, your contact details and information remain confidential, unless you give explicit permission to pass it on to a third party.

Any comments, complaints or compliments you make in private about an ISP or your experiences with an ISP will remain confidential - they will never be passed along to the ISP unless you specifically give permission to do so, with one exception: Any comments posted publicly or privately via Telsat Broadband that is deigned to maliciously attack or libel an ISP, accuse and ISP of illegal acts without a conviction from a Vanuatu Court, contact information WILL be given out to aid in prosecution.

Telsat Broadband tracks (as do all Web Sites) the searches performed when looking for an ISP (ie: a Google search that may have lead you to this page).  We do not track personally identifiable information about the user performing the search, other than what all web servers track as a standard (The fact that a file was looked at, date, time, etc).

Telsat Broadband tracks and records aggregated statistics on the types of internet usage through its network.  We do NOT track, record or store individually identifiable or private information or data passing through our network; however information such as IP and MAC addresses of sources and destinations are recorded along with port usages to aid in network abuse investigations and prevention.

We will not at any point, block, restrict or otherwise prevent your access to any resource accessible via the internet providing that the requested resource is legally obtained and such access would not hinder or adversely affect the Telsat Broadband network.  At any time without prior notification, your access to certain services/sites may be throttled or deprioritised in order to maintain network stability and reliability.  Any user who is involved in network attacks (including but not limited to Hacking, Spamming or other maclicious activities) may have their account suspended or restricted without notification.

By using any Telsat Broadband service, you expressly disclaim Telsat Broadband and any of its suppliers from responsibility for any loss or damage suffered while using the service (including but not limited to loss of data or loss of email).  You understand that using any internet based service presents certain risks, forwhich you are solely responsible.  Telsat Broadband recommends that all users of the services use up-to-date virus and mal-ware scanners and have firewalls active preventing unauthorised access to their personal and business information.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time.  It is your responsibility to check this page from time to time to keep updated on any changes, though we will make best efforts to notify users of changes.

Last updated: Feb 16th, 2011


AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
FSP (Fair-Share Policy)


Here are some quick points on Telsat Broadband's operating policies:

  • We don't sell, rent or disclose your information.
  • We don't track or record private data.
  • We don't block or restrict your access.
  • You are responsible for your data, so make sure you have up-to-date Virus Scanners and Firewalls.
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